Life Coach for Personal Growth

Life Coaching is a lifeline:

  1.  A life coach adds a human resource development, personal growth specialist to someone’s support team. We are community educators, teachers, private tutors, managers; and generally experienced in life-leading.  Areas of a Perfect Life  (one of our Free Forms) shows some inspiration for life growing topics.
  2. Change and personal growth are normal experiences of a healthy individual. Life throws us challenges, that we come equipped to meet, and transform from…  Nature’s way, like caterpillar to butterfly.
  3. We speak in words of well-being, natural-growth processes, partnership, creative arts, self-empowering support, personal success and purpose, and with me, soul sistering spiritual growth and path-finding.

Situation for a Life coach:

You or someone you know is going through changes, hurts, awakenings, and re-building.  Some life things are ours to do alone. And sometimes, having a trusted, objective, fresh-perspective confidant to talk to, and safely sort your thoughts–one who knows the difference between your work and theirs–inspires unimaginable confidence and possibilities. 

Many feel alone, isolated–perhaps embarrassed, ashamed, or guilty about their circumstances. Another person, an insightful and spirit-lifting one, to talk to, helps one see through a different lens and feel better. Where two or three are gathered, magic synergy plays.

As a family member or work colleague, spouse, it might not be your place or appropriate to be their coach.

To use a sports analogy, every game has coaches; athletes, players, have coaches.

Begin with Starter Session:

A Starter Session is an hour to sort things out together. It is not a selling session; it’s a real session, where I’m of service where I can. Everyone gets a clearer sense of direction and focus, and feels better, when they leave.

Monthly Memberships

Memberships are budget-friendly and include monthly progress-supporting check-in and resource sessions. We know Life keeps moving; we miss noticing our accomplishments. These sessions are built-in pauses to notice; to hear yourself tell someone in your own voice and celebrate and positively move forward. It’s an adventure of consciously creating your story. A lot of do-it-yourself types love having a monthly or biweekly re-charge / resource / reflection session, and having me be only a phone call away. (I love and treat my members like VIPs–because they are. I love and enjoy creating and working together; and I love how each of us grows and thrives in the process. Win-Win-Win!)

Anything else?

Ask me.

Thank you!

Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit

Prosperity Money and Soul Feeding

Prosperity has layers. Creativity, synergy, and sharing are among them.

Prosperity as Feeding Our Soul

First, know that there are spiritual aspects of money, prosperity, and abundance. I heard a woman speak profoundly of these once, including an old concept of tithingwhich she redefined and presented in a most pivotal, compelling, pragmatic way: Sharing of our abundance is to be given to wherever our soul has been fed.

And wherever our soul has been fed is a very different, more open and personal decision than most of us have ever been taught. Edwene Gaines has a delightful sense of humor, and I think you may enjoy this. It’s a bit lengthy if you listen to all of it; however, I have never heard these principles brought forward like this, ever. This was soul food for me; maybe it will be for you, too

Blessings and much love to each of you.  – Anne

Spirituality: Truth and Path-Finding Key

When someone teaches you the alphabet, you can add the concept of words; and then use those basic skills to write your own stories.

When someone teaches you about music and notes and playing an instrument and how your voice can be used for singing, you can use those basic skills to create and play your own music and sing your own songs.

When someone teaches you spiritual concepts and introduces free will and truth-seeker tools, you can use those basic skills to find and choose and create your own spiritual beliefs and faith-finding path.

Spirituality and the Seeker’s Toolkit

Creating a personal Spirituality  is a basic and powerful toolkit–as much as learning the alphabet, words, and music notes.

It’s the introductions that are important.  What they do with them after that is up to them.  (my dad, Edward J. Wondra)

Personal soul sister sessions with this course, book a starter session appointment.  (You’ll feel good about this when you’re ready.  No rush or pressure.)


Self-Worth, self-esteem, and coffee mugs

Be yourself. Love yourself.  Center.  Align your energy with who you really are.  Be true to yourself.  These are magic keys to having, being, and doing anything we desire, with ease and joy.

And we have no idea how to do this, because our daily world throws so much ‘stuff’ at us.

Everywhere I read lately, and people I talk to, so much comes back around to loving ourselves, feeling good about ourselves, that who we are is enough and beautiful and good; that we bring something unique, important, and valuable to this time and space and place.

A distinction between self-esteem and self-worth:

Self-worth is the cup, the container; self-esteem is what we put into it.  (Thomas Leonard)

I love coffee–and art fairs; and own a mug collection that allows me the delightful luxury to match what I’m wearing.  Making this was a perfect, interesting metaphor to play with.

On the surface, it’s so simple.

self-worth and self-esteem, the difference,

Self-worth is intrinsic… a given; our container. We are worthwhile, beautiful, perfect, just as we are.

Self-esteem is stuff we put in it, add.

What if our container (self-worth, self) is damaged?  imperfect?  flawed?

If there are holes or cracks in this container (coffee cup), it will leak and be very messy.   …

Except if we re-purpose and transform that coffee mug into a new use, different than it was originally made for–a pretty pencil or clip holder, for example.  What was may not be possible anymore.  Beauty and usefulness, however,  are re-imagined by creating beautiful mosaic art pieces or jewelry.

Life Cycle Transformations

Life gets cracks and gets messy.  We don’t come into this world expecting to stay the same. Our entry is birth, as a baby who is almost completely dependent on others to survive and grow.  And we grow and change very quickly and visibly during our early days, weeks, months, and years.

We seem to come with our own definite plan…

a blueprint, path, interests we’re compelled to explore and that lead us to transforming and re-imagining who we are.  We’re excited to feel a perfect fit, when precisely who we are, know, have interests in is exactly what’s needed–and we get to use all of it.  It’s a beautiful thing when we are serving the purpose we were made for and carry it out with exuberance.

Cracks happen.

Container vessels–like us, our self-worth–get some weathering through this life-living we’re doing.  Some seems to be part of our blueprint–like maturing from child to adult and moving through time.  Other changes seem to be accidents.  Regardless of origin, changes and messes bring us–our vessels and sense of self-worth–to places of re-purposing, creating something new and beautiful and meaningful out of this re-imagined container we transform into.

Inner knowing and Trust.

This blueprint we come with can’t be random.  An acorn doesn’t become a fish; it becomes a majestic oak.  There are natural attributes and transformations encoded in us, in all of Nature.  The more one studies Nature and these human beings we are, the more in awe one becomes.   There are blueprints we come with, choices we make, accidents and changes that challenge us.  And through it all, there’s an element of instinct, intuition, free will, and inner knowing–and trust, faith, belief–that all will be okay.

Our self-worth remains.

Receive an empowering uplifting self-re-centering tool chest: energy medicine for peace and calming; self-worth, self-esteem, and feminine spirit-affirming support; own-your-dreams beautiful-boundaries self-care resources; and a scented sacred-self anointing blessing ceremony you can enjoy as needed.  (Self-Loved and Soul Happy 2018, and by appointment)


The best sermon

One of my favorites; this sermon from the movie Chocolat.  Usually an annual movie date night sometime in Lent.  Classic and delicious.

SHE opens a chocolate shop … during Lent.  She’s an outsider, not part of this community’s religious beliefs and traditions.  Maybe you’ve felt like that.

HE is a young associate pastor whose sermons usually get ‘edited’ by a senior pastor… Except for this one, where he speaks from his own heart:

Our experiences expand us spiritually.

Life is designed to do this.

I love this movie because my religion of childhood is also catholic; and today I, too, need and see the expansiveness, freedom, and inclusiveness of much more.  That Jesus guy in this sermon would welcome that.

How are your experiences expanding your view?  Where is your spiritual path leading you?   Is it open and expansive enough to include and feed all of your soul?  Are you happy?


Daring to be Ourselves

We’re all in that Daring process somewhere.  Coming into or own.  Evolving, transforming, well-seasoned women; creative spirits, students, practitioners, and participants in work, roles, and careers not even recognized by Google yet.  Our life paths have taken us here through varied, circuitous routes, led by chance, callings, inner gifts and Life.  We are more sure of ourselves now–most of the time.  you signed up to do the dance before you were born. (The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan)

Revive the art of conversation.  Choose less ordinary.  (Dove®)

I’m quietly opening Wonder Woman Wednesdays…. for some of those less-ordinary conversations; ones held in-person, here–or wherever I am traveling.

I don’t have it all figured out yet–or should I say, I’ve only been given some of the pieces...and those are apparently all I need to PLAY right now

PIECES – Here’s what I know.

It started with the Wonder Woman Movie–Awesomely energizing.   Worth seeing.  Take a look:  I included some videos on this Wonder Woman Wednesdays page.  It’s what I have so far, to start playing with.

Another piece:  I’ve just finished leading a 2-part Soul Economics class, and a Summer Beach Group on Making Life Easy is still meeting.  Money and our feminine energies and creating easy uplifting currency flow is a conversation I am excited to continue.  I would lead it here as a Wonder Women Wednesday reading resource and workshop series.

Since I have NOT been given the pricing piece yet, these are going to begin with Free-Will / Prosperity Pot / Feel-good Fair exchanges… appropriate, given our topic.  There is such a divine sense of humor in this work…

LOGISTICS / Invitation

Group gathering, 1:30 Wednesdays at WonderSpirit, starting Wednesday, July 12.

Individual sessions by appointment.

Please RSVP (Contact form or FB message) at least the day before (by July 11) if you plan on being here.  It IS Summer… I gladly hold space and offer this experience.  If ALONE however, or no RSVPs, I may hold space elsewhere…  Did I mention I LOVE beaches, Summer, travel, coffee.   RSVP ahead…  Beautiful business boundaries, my friends; self-care, spirit-honoring respect elements all of us deserve and our energy requires.

See you July 12, and we’ll go from there…

Look forward to more pieces show up and come together as we do…

I have a reading list to suggest; and can imagine free-flowing uncommon conversations, creating, and magical relationships that will come out of this.

We are becoming More OURSELVES than we’ve ever been — and we’re in this together.

All cooperating components are being assembled.  (Esther Hicks and Abraham)


More than a Princess art bu Brian Andreas,

Priestess, an archetype

Her words felt familiar; describing parts of me in eloquent words and art.  And I wondered, How do they know?

The High priestess card in The Tarot of Transformation (2002, Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori).

It’s an Archetype blueprint pattern I’m  dancing with this time around.  As a catholic girl, the clerical role was off limits.

Except that Spirit had other designs…and opened a secular road to priestess,  spiritual teacher,  everyday goddess.

The High Priestess text follows.  It also happens to be the sample card on Jasmin Cori’s site, where you can read it in full.

High Priestess

Feminine Mysteries & Intuitive Wisdom

The high priestess is a channel for higher wisdom. Like the priests and priestesses of old, she metaphorically brings this wisdom down high priestess, Tarot of Transformationfrom above and makes it available to those whose connection is less clear. Her gifts are not for her alone, but in service of the greater good. …

The priestess is sometimes seen as a feminine counterpart to the magician. Yet her concern is not so much manifesting in the physical world as it is playing with the magic of the invisible worlds. She is interested in archetypes and astrology and dreaming and all sorts of ways the invisible world enters into our lives. In these, she is accomplished. She is expert at opening herself to the higher realms and bringing this knowledge into the world. This may take the form of prophecy and divination, the role of sage or spiritual counselor. Aligned as she is with sacred purpose, her line to the divine is open-and her reception is clear.

She is both high priestess and follower, for she devotes herself to following the guidance and inspiration she receives and is thus a model for living in accordance with intuitive wisdom. She may use this in her work as healer, teacher, artist, or visionary, or she may simply be working with this in her personal life. It is important to her to pay attention and live in a “conscious” way. For her to go on automatic or to push too hard is destructive because it cuts her off from her deeper knowing. The more closely she aligns with this knowing, the better her life goes.

In a more general way, this card represents the feminine mode of consciousness. It is the receptive, intuitive mind, what we might call “moon consciousness.” …  her loyalty is to universal laws ….

Living close to the deeper rhythms fosters a sense of trust in the priestess. Like the fool, she feels held in a loving universe, but the priestess’s knowledge of this is more conscious. She knows the divine and has her finger on the pulse of unfoldment. It is no surprise to her when things happen as they do….  (Tarot of Transformation, Jasmin Cori.)

Archetype patterns, cards, and art are tools.

Maybe you’d like to play with them? to see what characters resonate with you?

Or maybe they’ll offer an insight that sheds new perspective on a relationship or personal pursuit.

Card Reading with Discussion

If you want to experience these cards for yourself, I offer card readings with discussion by appointment.

Love Exchange is $39 (1-card) or $55 (3-card) readings.

The perfect card always seems to show up.

Self-discovery is a sacred path; one we travel all of our lives, learning and becoming more excited, strong, and sure of who we are and why we’re here.

Much love,

Anne Wondra  – WonderSpirit

Spiritual Leader

Hierophant-Spiritual LeadersSpirit-Led Self-finding

Self-discovery is a sacred path; one we travel all of our lives.

Who am I?  we ask.

And later, when we know who we are, and it’s important to share that, we hear our self say,  I just want you to know who I am.

In Archetype terms, there are character patterns understood and played out on Life’s Stage, for ever!  Often we recognize our self in one of them–or several.

It’s an a-ha moment of delight, much like finally seeing a recognizable picture taking form in the jigsaw pieces we’ve been connecting.  That’s an active archetype.  A Hierophant, or Spiritual Leader, is one of them–and I do recognize  her in who I am:  

A person … who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles (Google)

A person who brings people into the presence of that which is deemed holy.  The word comes from Ancient Greece, where it was constructed from the combination of la hiera, “the holy,” and phainein, “to show.” (Wikipedia)

It’s an old word from the late eighteenth century, and is one of the major archetype (arcana) cards in a standard teaching (Tarot) card deck.

As I prepared to lead an upcoming class, I was surprised…and maybe not so much…how strongly, viscerally, I resonated with these archetypal keynotes: Spiritual Purpose <> Self-Discovery <> Inner Wisdom.

Self-discovery is a sacred path and dance with Destiny, one that continues as long as we live.

And just to confirm this ‘a-ha’ moment, music overhead plays:

… I just want you to know who I am.  When everything seems to be broken, I just want you to know who I am….

We all hear song lyrics a little differently than they’re written sometimes.  (You know you do… admit it.)  And it was only pieces I heard that day; just so I noticed and paused, a subtle nudge to pay attention…

In a traditional deck, the art is masculine, a pope.  (Tarot cards were once likely used for religion-teaching purposes; even though they are not usually embraced in traditional high-church religions now.)  I’ve used feminine terms instead in this description from The Tarot Directory.

The Hierophant


The Hierophant, or Pope as she is sometimes known, often appears in … robes standing between two pillars, which represent her ability to balance opposing forces. …

She is associated with the number five [my birth date numbers], which indicates spiritual power, inner wisdom, and mental inspiration, as well as the capacity to synthesize information.  She offers guidance on spiritual matters and represents the need to find a spiritual meaning to our lives.


The Hierophant represents the spiritual guide within each of us that links our worldly persona with our higher spiritual nature.  In this way, she helps us to establish a dialog between our conscious mind and the part of us that seeks to communicate with our Source.  In the past the old word for priestess was pontifex, meaning “maker of bridges.” [A bridge is on my tombstone design, created 20 years ago.]  Her role was to create a link between people and the divine.  The Hierophant reflects our inner desire to give meaning to things and to raise our consciousness so that we no longer feel divided within ourselves.  The longing to experience this higher dimension of life is what Carl Jung called “the religious function.”  It describes the intuitive feeling that there is more to life than the simple and the mundane.  The Hierophant is the driving force between the spiritual beliefs or philosophical values each of us forms.  Sooner or later, life requires us to put these to the test and see if they are able to sustain us.  Ultimately, the Hierophant symbolizes our innate desire to achieve a balance between our worldly and spiritual impulses so that we become whole.  (2002, Annie Lionnet, The Tarot Directory, parenthetical notes mine)

In the Tarot of Transformation (2002, Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori) card, The Hierophant is called Spiritual Leaders.  Words matter:

We have changed the name of this card from “Hierophant” to “Spiritual Leaders.”  Rather than one male authority figure as the enforcer of orthodoxy, the title and picture show us that spiritual leaders come in a plurality of forms and that we don’t need to limit ourselves to one teacher. …

Although there is much talk today about choosing your path, Native American wisdom tells us, “You don’t choose your medicine.  Your medicine chooses you.”  This reflects an understanding that there are actual forces shaping our path.  For many of us, it is a path that changes.  What is right at one point in time will often give way to something new that better meets our needs next.

As the Sufi poet Rumi reminds us, there are many lamps, but one light… In The Tarot of Transformation, we take the position that there is no one lamp (form) or map (conceptual scheme) that is complete.  Together, the various traditions and teachings contain the wisdom that is currently available.  It is thus a distortion when a teaching or teacher claims to be the sole authority in spiritual matters. (p 26, The Tarot of Transformation)

This author goes on to describe her beautiful symbolic imagery chosen for this card, including three women of different races and every detail drawn in by the artist.

I love this deck and its uplifting wisdom art.  It’s one of my favorite reading decks.

Transformation card readings with discussion are $39 (1-card) to $55 (3-card).