Spirit and Life Coaching

… because life and soul are connected.

Offering courses, like Personal Spiritual, a Path-finding course; and happy-healthy-life resources, like Relationship Rules guide; and private, self-evolving-and-growing soul sistering. Life wisdom, feminine energy, universal laws, soul paths, joy.

Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? --Mary Oliver

I am strangely uplifted today vs. beaten down, and the only difference in my circumstance was meeting with you. Thank you. – Karen

Why are the vast majority of adults … bored, lonely, and afraid?

Because they don’t know who they are…. –Walt Witman

Who we are is much more than our physical bodies, our jobs, our circumstances. Our greatness shines through us each day. We have been conditioned to find fault instead; to worry and fear, instead of confidently and joyously walking in our greatness–our soul’s freeing, guiding light. In ordinary, everyday things that make up our life story.

Who do you think you are? It’s a powerful question that needs a solid answer–because it changes everything.

Self-discovery is a sacred path; finding JOY in living is its purpose.

Anne Wondra

Starter Sessions

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Most people like an easy way to begin–without a big commitment or investment. Starter sessions are easy and comfortable; and there are no sales pitches or push to enroll in something. Why?   Because it feels contrived, and that’s not how Spirit works. A lot comes out of these conversations: clarity, focus, resources, a sense of direction.   Learn more.

Personal Spiritual

a path-finding course.  Learn more