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Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver

Evolving, spiritual shifts, self-esteem:

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Every Life is a self-discovery adventure, a sacred, most personal, and sensitive, ever-changing experience. Humans grow and learn and play in connecting with others. I am a private, personal, confidential confidant, an inspiring, empowering advocate, teacher, light. Read More.

I am strangely uplifted today vs. beaten down, and the only difference in my circumstance was meeting with you. Thank you.

Karen B.

Where to start

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MOST PEOPLE want a simple, easy way to begin; no big commitment or investment. Starter Sessions are exactly that; comfortable, easy; no sales pitch or pushing. There’s a minimal investment. No pressure for more.

I don’t like sales pitches or bait and switch, so I don’t do them. Options, yes, always; and freedom, absolutely. That’s how my spirit operates, thrives.

Starter Sessions are straight-forward affordable purchases; you’re renting me for time that will benefit us both. Spirit likes balance, exchanges, honesty, ease…like breathing; inhale, exhale, repeat.

A lot comes out of these: clarity, focus, resources, a sense of direction, renewed energy.   Learn more.