Daring to be Ourselves

We’re all in that Daring process somewhere.  Coming into or own.  Evolving, transforming, well-seasoned women; creative spirits, students, practitioners, and participants in work, roles, and careers not even recognized by Google yet.  Our life paths have taken us here through varied, circuitous routes, led by chance, callings, inner gifts and Life.  We are more sure of ourselves now–most of the time.  you signed up to do the dance before you were born. (The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan)

Revive the art of conversation.  Choose less ordinary.  (Dove®)

I’m quietly opening Wonder Woman Wednesdays…. for some of those less-ordinary conversations; ones held in-person, here–or wherever I am traveling.

I don’t have it all figured out yet–or should I say, I’ve only been given some of the pieces...and those are apparently all I need to PLAY right now

PIECES – Here’s what I know.

It started with the Wonder Woman Movie–Awesomely energizing.   Worth seeing.  Take a look:  I included some videos on this Wonder Woman Wednesdays page.  It’s what I have so far, to start playing with.

Another piece:  I’ve just finished leading a 2-part Soul Economics class, and a Summer Beach Group on Making Life Easy is still meeting.  Money and our feminine energies and creating easy uplifting currency flow is a conversation I am excited to continue.  I would lead it here as a Wonder Women Wednesday reading resource and workshop series.

Since I have NOT been given the pricing piece yet, these are going to begin with Free-Will / Prosperity Pot / Feel-good Fair exchanges… appropriate, given our topic.  There is such a divine sense of humor in this work…

LOGISTICS / Invitation

Group gathering, 1:30 Wednesdays at WonderSpirit, starting Wednesday, July 12.

Individual sessions by appointment.

Please RSVP (Contact form or FB message) at least the day before (by July 11) if you plan on being here.  It IS Summer… I gladly hold space and offer this experience.  If ALONE however, or no RSVPs, I may hold space elsewhere…  Did I mention I LOVE beaches, Summer, travel, coffee.   RSVP ahead…  Beautiful business boundaries, my friends; self-care, spirit-honoring respect elements all of us deserve and our energy requires.

See you July 12, and we’ll go from there…

Look forward to more pieces show up and come together as we do…

I have a reading list to suggest; and can imagine free-flowing uncommon conversations, creating, and magical relationships that will come out of this.

We are becoming More OURSELVES than we’ve ever been — and we’re in this together.

All cooperating components are being assembled.  (Esther Hicks and Abraham)


More than a Princess art bu Brian Andreas, StoryPeople.com

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