Starter Sessions

Starter Sessions

  • I think most of us want an experience of a person and services we’re exploring;
  • We want options and a sense of a good fit.
  • Most of us want a starting place that’s simple and easy, and not a big commitment to move forward. (Think of that favorite gelato or ice cream shop that lets you taste a sample before deciding.)
  • Most of us appreciate an honest and easy approach.
  • With something new to us, most of us have questions.

This is exactly why I offer Starter Sessions.

Your questions and curiosities are addressed;

you leave with positive energy, perspective, a plan, direction, resource suggestions, and options to continue on your own and or with me;

your investment is $25.

Why are Starter sessions $25?

You’re paying for a private coaching-consulting session, not bracing for a sales pitch–and isn’t that a refreshing, freeing, positive difference. It’s a taste, like at the ice cream shop.

Preparing a few notes for our session, is a good idea also.

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