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What is a Starter Session?

My starter sessions are interviews.  We interview each other and find out:

  • if we're a good fit for a coaching partnership;
  • if we like each other and feel like kindred spirits already;
  • and answer whatever questions and concerns still linger about working together

My starter sessions are resource, support, and strategy sessions.  You'll receive and take home specific resources based on our conversation and intuition.

We'll talk about what you really want and need to feel supported and cared for and what services and options are a best fit for your life and happiness.

Then I'll propose a game plan, based on everything we've covered.  You'll have choices and freedom--because I value both of these, and our spirit requires them to shine and soar.

Your Notes Page

Investment:  $10

My starter sessions ask a currency investment of $10.

A time investment looking over this site, and preparing a few notes for our session, is a good idea also.

Some Free Resources are on the FAQs page.

Request a Starter Session by Contacting me.  Call or use the form at the right.

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