The best sermon

One of my favorites; this sermon from the movie Chocolat.  Usually an annual movie date night sometime in Lent.  Classic and delicious.

SHE opens a chocolate shop … during Lent.  She’s an outsider, not part of this community’s religious beliefs and traditions.  Maybe you’ve felt like that.

HE is a young associate pastor whose sermons usually get ‘edited’ by a senior pastor… Except for this one, where he speaks from his own heart:

Our experiences expand us spiritually.

Life is designed to do this.

I love this movie because my religion of childhood is also catholic; and today I, too, need and see the expansiveness, freedom, and inclusiveness of much more.  That Jesus guy in this sermon would welcome that.

How are your experiences expanding your view?  Where is your spiritual path leading you?   Is it open and expansive enough to include and feed all of your soul?  Are you happy?


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