Soul Sistering and Life Connecting

The soul's job is to wake itself up, break out of shells, grow wings, and fly free.

Soul Sistering, about spiritual happenings, teachings, interests, understandings, exploring, fears, faith, and personal quests.  Explore both in and outside of religions.  Spiritual studies, Q and A's, self-knowing, inspiring conversations.

Begin with a single Starter Session. ... no commitments, no pressure.  Read more.


Life Coach

Confidence-building specialist.

Speak for your Self, your Wellbeing.

Live life easier, lighter.

Uplifting Life-Living Skills.

Personal Self-Growing sistering.


Everyday goddess school

Goddess-growing, personal exploring and growing partner coach resource goddess,

Powerful Health-knowing Wellness

In 2018, a 9-day hospital stay showed me just how much of a protector I had become of this body.

Sessions by appointment.



Special Projects

Writing, editing partner; WordPress website, blog-writer, word, excel, social media tech share projects; travel partner are examples.  Personal Sliding-into-Home projects and legacy-leaving support.

Moving your Words and Voice Onward  (Printable PDF)

Personal Card Readings for inner calm

Oracle card readings, for entertainment and inner wisdom.  Oracle cards are a spiritual tool; offering insight, confirmation, clarification...and conversation.  When a spirit needs peace or insight, a card brings beautiful guided messages.

Angel cards and heart-to-hearts, when a spirit needs uplifting.


... the Angel reading you did for me a couple of years ago was one of the most helpful that I have had. - Mari G.


Essential Oils, support body, mind, life, and spirit.  One of Nature's medicines.  I use them most days, truly appreciate them; have and suggest helpful  resources for personal health, body, and emotional self-care and first aid.  There are angel teams and multi-layers to one's health and well-being.   Read more.

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