Soul Sistering & Life Coaching

A spirit-and-life-wisdom-infused process of growing your greatness. An earth angel presence and uplifting guiding. Growing and change are natural processes of transforming…and often challenging, messy. Soul sistering brings sacred spiritual wisdom, intuitive sensing, integrated-wholeness processes.  You’ll feel reassuring support, comfort; a powerful lifeline, and light energy to make challenging times easier, more uplifting to navigate.

We begin with a single Starter Session. … no commitments, no pressure.  Read more.

Personal Self-Growing…. areas of a whole life; woven together uniquely in everyone

Feminine Spiritual path-finding

Feminine-centered Spiritual path-making because we’re women; and most spiritual communities are masculine-centered. My course holds lasting wisdom of a lifetime, tools, resources, keys to feed and free your hungry feminine spirit.

Personal Wellness Coach

In a former corporate HR life, wellness was my wheelhouse; not medical-centered, rather, all those healthy lifeenergy-happiness-self-care, whole-person, natural well being, lifestyle stuff that comes before that.  Here’s a sample of what I mean… and a photo: see right-ward pointing arrow toward high level wellness.

Virtual Women’s Writing Group

Virtual Writing Group meets 4th Wednesdays of each month, holding space for connecting, creating, clearing, and clarity. Writing is a wellness and creativity conduit and practice. Calendar page has dates and details.

Special Projects

  • Writing, editing, proofreading;
  • technology-shares: learning / creating together, WordPress website / blog; word, excel, presentation prep;
  • travel partner;
  • Personal Sliding-into-Home projects support.
  • Moving your Words and Voice Onward  (Self-Publishing know-how, support)

Card Readings

angel cards

… the Angel reading you did for me a couple of years ago was one of the most helpful that I have had.

Mari G.

For entertainment at a private gathering, a quiet corner where guests can receive spirit-calming, soothing inspired words. Oracle, angel cards are a spiritual tool; offering insight, confirmation, clarification, and conversation.