Self-Loved and Soul Happy

Self-Loved and Soul Happy

 “Be yourself. Love yourself.  Center.  Align your energy with who you really are.”  

And we have no idea how to do this, because life throws so much ‘stuff’ at us...

Inspiring uplifting self-loving toolkit

self-worth, self-esteem, own-your-dreams beautiful-boundaries and self-care

RELATIONSHIP RULES of a Happy Woman -- Never let anyone blow out your light.  Rules to play with.

A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman's Perspective by Patricia Lynn Reilly

Sensual Living Manifesto by Elana Millman

Divinity and Creativity


An eclectic mix.  This first is from Jana Stanfield.  Enjoy.

Women of Wisdom Foundation / Women of Wisdom CD commemorating ten years of inspirational music

Women of Wisdom CD Commemorating ten years of inspirational music

Metaphysical Mind Food

Esther Hicks and Abraham


in process...

Summer Spirit Muse notes


Daily Messages  - Law of Attraction

The Daily Flame - A message from your Inner Pilot Light


Play with those of interest, or none.  Note what ideas, statements, perspectives resonate?  Which ones don't?  Those persons who wrote them had a different life than you, a different lens.  Yours fit you... perfectly.  Enjoy.

Your Beliefs

Areas of a Perfect Life

Zen of Attraction

Daily Habits, Boundaries, Standards

More on FAQs page ... A Personal Foundation

Reading and Writing

Words feed souls.  What feeds yours?

Bella Grace Magazine

Waking up in Winter excerpt by Cheryl Richardson

Share what you're reading.  Sunday nights at 7