Life Coach for Personal Growth

Life Coaching is a lifeline:

  1.  A life coach adds a human resource development, personal growth specialist to someone’s support team. We are community educators, teachers, private tutors, managers; and generally experienced in life-leading.  Areas of a Perfect Life  (one of our Free Forms) shows some inspiration for life growing topics.
  2. Change and personal growth are normal experiences of a healthy individual. Life throws us challenges, that we come equipped to meet, and transform from…  Nature’s way, like caterpillar to butterfly.
  3. We speak in words of well-being, natural-growth processes, partnership, creative arts, self-empowering support, personal success and purpose, and with me, soul sistering spiritual growth and path-finding.

Situation for a Life coach:

You or someone you know is going through changes, hurts, awakenings, and re-building.  Some life things are ours to do alone. And sometimes, having a trusted, objective, fresh-perspective confidant to talk to, and safely sort your thoughts–one who knows the difference between your work and theirs–inspires unimaginable confidence and possibilities. 

Many feel alone, isolated–perhaps embarrassed, ashamed, or guilty about their circumstances. Another person, an insightful and spirit-lifting one, to talk to, helps one see through a different lens and feel better. Where two or three are gathered, magic synergy plays.

As a family member or work colleague, spouse, it might not be your place or appropriate to be their coach.

To use a sports analogy, every game has coaches; athletes, players, have coaches.

Begin with Starter Session:

A Starter Session is an hour to sort things out together. It is not a selling session; it’s a real session, where I’m of service where I can. Everyone gets a clearer sense of direction and focus, and feels better, when they leave.

Monthly Memberships

Memberships are budget-friendly and include monthly progress-supporting check-in and resource sessions. We know Life keeps moving; we miss noticing our accomplishments. These sessions are built-in pauses to notice; to hear yourself tell someone in your own voice and celebrate and positively move forward. It’s an adventure of consciously creating your story. A lot of do-it-yourself types love having a monthly or biweekly re-charge / resource / reflection session, and having me be only a phone call away. (I love and treat my members like VIPs–because they are. I love and enjoy creating and working together; and I love how each of us grows and thrives in the process. Win-Win-Win!)

Anything else?

Ask me.

Thank you!

Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit

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