Spiritual Path-Finding

Once you learn the alphabet, you can add the concept of words; and then use those basic skills to write your own stories.

When someone teaches you about music and notes and playing an instrument and how your voice can be used for singing, you can use those basic skills to create and play your own music and sing your own songs.

When someone teaches you spiritual concepts and introduces free will and path-finding tools, you can use those basic skills to find, choose, and or create your own beliefs and soul-centered path.

Spirituality and a Seeker’s Toolkit

Creating a Positive Personal Spirituality is a basic and powerful toolkit course I created. It includes basic spiritual concepts to expand on, as much as learning the alphabet, words, and music notes. We are no longer children. As adults, Life experiences have evolved and expanded our understandings and beliefs.

It’s the introductions that are important.  What they do with them after that is up to them.

Edward J. Wondra (my dad)

Book a starter session appointment if you want to explore.  (You’ll feel good about this when you’re ready.  No rush or pressure.)


P.S. I’m not any religion anymore … a spiritual seeker note.

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