Priestess, an archetype

Her words felt familiar; describing parts of me in eloquent words and art.  And I wondered, How do they know?

The High priestess card in The Tarot of Transformation (2002, Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori).

It’s an Archetype blueprint pattern I’m  dancing with this time around.  As a catholic girl, the clerical role was off limits.

Except that Spirit had other designs…and opened a secular road to priestess,  spiritual teacher,  everyday goddess.

The High Priestess text follows.  It also happens to be the sample card on Jasmin Cori’s site, where you can read it in full.

High Priestess

Feminine Mysteries & Intuitive Wisdom

The high priestess is a channel for higher wisdom. Like the priests and priestesses of old, she metaphorically brings this wisdom down high priestess, Tarot of Transformationfrom above and makes it available to those whose connection is less clear. Her gifts are not for her alone, but in service of the greater good. …

The priestess is sometimes seen as a feminine counterpart to the magician. Yet her concern is not so much manifesting in the physical world as it is playing with the magic of the invisible worlds. She is interested in archetypes and astrology and dreaming and all sorts of ways the invisible world enters into our lives. In these, she is accomplished. She is expert at opening herself to the higher realms and bringing this knowledge into the world. This may take the form of prophecy and divination, the role of sage or spiritual counselor. Aligned as she is with sacred purpose, her line to the divine is open-and her reception is clear.

She is both high priestess and follower, for she devotes herself to following the guidance and inspiration she receives and is thus a model for living in accordance with intuitive wisdom. She may use this in her work as healer, teacher, artist, or visionary, or she may simply be working with this in her personal life. It is important to her to pay attention and live in a “conscious” way. For her to go on automatic or to push too hard is destructive because it cuts her off from her deeper knowing. The more closely she aligns with this knowing, the better her life goes.

In a more general way, this card represents the feminine mode of consciousness. It is the receptive, intuitive mind, what we might call “moon consciousness.” …  her loyalty is to universal laws ….

Living close to the deeper rhythms fosters a sense of trust in the priestess. Like the fool, she feels held in a loving universe, but the priestess’s knowledge of this is more conscious. She knows the divine and has her finger on the pulse of unfoldment. It is no surprise to her when things happen as they do….  (Tarot of Transformation, Jasmin Cori.)

Archetype patterns, cards, and art are tools.

Maybe you’d like to play with them? to see what characters resonate with you?

Or maybe they’ll offer an insight that sheds new perspective on a relationship or personal pursuit.

Card Reading with Discussion

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Self-discovery is a sacred path; one we travel all of our lives, learning and becoming more excited, strong, and sure of who we are and why we’re here.

Much love,

Anne Wondra  – WonderSpirit

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