Monthly coaching

Soul Sistering Memberships

“… meeting with you has really helped bring clarity to my life, and even though I haven’t been able to meet with you …, I find myself talking about you all the time to my friends and family!” (K.F.)

Memberships are an easy, flexible vehicle to make life coaching, soul sistering, personal-growing and follow-through support, accessible.

Essential – $25 / Month

Package offers:

  1. A lens of life wisdom, soul paths, and self-growing; happiness, wholeness, purpose, positive expression.
  2. Half-hour private monthly session;
  3. a lifeline when you need one
  4. Support, resources, perspective
  5. Insight, inspiration, and empowers your soul and courage
  6. Tools and knowledge and inspired surprises


  • Extend to one hour – $40 (instead of $90)
  • Extra sessions – $40
  • Book Monthly Member Sessions online

Easy release

Enroll for as long as you like; stop when you’re done; come back when you want more.

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$25 / Month

$250 / Year (2 Months FREE)