Self-Worth, self-esteem, and coffee mugs

Be yourself. Love yourself.  Center.  Align your energy with who you really are.  Be true to yourself.  These are magic keys to having, being, and doing anything we desire, with ease and joy.

And we have no idea how to do this, because our daily world throws so much ‘stuff’ at us.

Everywhere I read lately, and people I talk to, so much comes back around to loving ourselves, feeling good about ourselves, that who we are is enough and beautiful and good; that we bring something unique, important, and valuable to this time and space and place.

A distinction between self-esteem and self-worth:

Self-worth is the cup, the container; self-esteem is what we put into it.  (Thomas Leonard)

I love coffee–and art fairs; and own a mug collection that allows me the delightful luxury to match what I’m wearing.  Making this was a perfect, interesting metaphor to play with.

On the surface, it’s so simple.

self-worth and self-esteem, the difference,

Self-worth is intrinsic… a given; our container. We are worthwhile, beautiful, perfect, just as we are.

Self-esteem is stuff we put in it, add.

What if our container (self-worth, self) is damaged?  imperfect?  flawed?

If there are holes or cracks in this container (coffee cup), it will leak and be very messy.   …

Except if we re-purpose and transform that coffee mug into a new use, different than it was originally made for–a pretty pencil or clip holder, for example.  What was may not be possible anymore.  Beauty and usefulness, however,  are re-imagined by creating beautiful mosaic art pieces or jewelry.

Life Cycle Transformations

Life gets cracks and gets messy.  We don’t come into this world expecting to stay the same. Our entry is birth, as a baby who is almost completely dependent on others to survive and grow.  And we grow and change very quickly and visibly during our early days, weeks, months, and years.

We seem to come with our own definite plan…

a blueprint, path, interests we’re compelled to explore and that lead us to transforming and re-imagining who we are.  We’re excited to feel a perfect fit, when precisely who we are, know, have interests in is exactly what’s needed–and we get to use all of it.  It’s a beautiful thing when we are serving the purpose we were made for and carry it out with exuberance.

Cracks happen.

Container vessels–like us, our self-worth–get some weathering through this life-living we’re doing.  Some seems to be part of our blueprint–like maturing from child to adult and moving through time.  Other changes seem to be accidents.  Regardless of origin, changes and messes bring us–our vessels and sense of self-worth–to places of re-purposing, creating something new and beautiful and meaningful out of this re-imagined container we transform into.

Inner knowing and Trust.

This blueprint we come with can’t be random.  An acorn doesn’t become a fish; it becomes a majestic oak.  There are natural attributes and transformations encoded in us, in all of Nature.  The more one studies Nature and these human beings we are, the more in awe one becomes.   There are blueprints we come with, choices we make, accidents and changes that challenge us.  And through it all, there’s an element of instinct, intuition, free will, and inner knowing–and trust, faith, belief–that all will be okay.

Our self-worth remains.

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