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celebrating feminine spirit

  • a Different Voice and Body of Experience
  • Independent ... Inner Freedom ... Unrestricted openness
  • Personal Study Learning System ...  A conversation and make-it-easy guide form and resources come with that. ... and a guide.
  • CALLED as a Goddess, or something like that... you are too...


Inner Wisdom

Self-Loved and Soul Happy

 “Be yourself. Love yourself.  Center.  Align your energy with who you really are.”  

All magic keys to having, being, and doing anything we desire, with ease and joy.  And we have no idea how to do this, because life throws so much ‘stuff’ at us.  Receive an uplifting, empowering, self-re-centering tool chest of self-loving energy medicine for inner peace; self-worth, self-esteem, and soul-happiness; own-your-dreams beautiful-boundaries and self-care resources.

Spiritual Knowing and Truth.

The art and elegance of Spiritual Path-choosing ... and  path-making.  This self-healing Seeker's Toolkitcreates clarity, confidence, and freedom in your evolving personal maturing, deepening, awakenings.  Spiritual concepts, new thoughts and language, bridges across traditions, religions, relationships, and personal paths.

Divine Images.

Feminine imagery, art, archetypes, words, wisdom, and worldviews.  A missing heritage of soul wholeness, healing, self-worth, spirit wisdom.  Words feed souls, art fuels imagination; meet your beautiful, bountiful, powerful, divine, feminine spirit.

Angels in their Afterlife ... and or  Sliding Into Home

Death.  Beliefs. Fears. Afterlife quests and comfort after loss.  -- and Freedom.

... Once we're not afraid, we make choices from a different place.

If you don't do this, you're going to die.

... Once death beliefs are explored and put to rest, our spirit is lighter.

Is there an Afterlife?  What is it like?  What do you want to know?  What do you know for sure already?  Healing grief or facing our own life choices about exits and living.  Soulful days brought this one forward...  and so much more.

Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Confidence, Self-Love.

Secrets and solid resources for circumstances,  personally empowering, regardless.

Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman.

They started with Grandma's words; I added mine.  Looking back four decades, I know life was and is easier and lighter because of these.

Re-writing Our Story

Life changes, Job Loss, Relationship Releasing, Self-re-storying.

Change triggers emotions; and blessing and opportunity to Re-write your story.  Let's do it and make it so.

Money Teacher: Soul and Flow

Money teaches us; activates our soul.  Feminine spirit lessons about work, receiving, and worth.  It's a divine dance with green energy, currency, money, funds, Love.  Play with universal laws; prosper and enjoy.

Create a living and a life, honoring your self, your worth, your soul.

Goals Gotta Go...

They motivate some; and drain light out of others.  Most gentle souls need to start someplace else.

What is useful for others, is not for you.  Honor a gentle, creative spirit.  There's another, feminine way through, that feels so much better.

Goals, Dreams, and High-Level Wellness.

If you must speak of goals, step into high-level wellness and a language of self-actualizing, mindfulness, whole-person happiness, positive mind-body-spirit energy medicine.  Go whole-person and fully alive.    Well-being is one choice at a time; happiness is an inside job.  This one brings it all together.

Leadership is a Feminine Superpower

Our feminine system operates, leads, and does business to connect and co-create authentic, organic relationships.  That changes everything--and is different than you ever learned in business school.   To lead effectively, naturally, confidently.... name, claim, tame, aim, and own your natural power, grace, and BEing.  BE YOU.  What you awaken here will resonate.   Once you BE your self, life gets more interesting.  Lighthearted learning to build self-esteem, empower your inner leader, and inspire positive partnerships.

Most important:  YOU are NEEDED.

Guys, goddesses, relationships




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