Relationship Rules

Rules started with Grandma; I was young, in my late teens.

"Find somebody whose bad habits you think you can live with," she said. And that planted a seed; a lens to look through when evaluating relationships.

Life gave me a delightful growing-up playground to learn in... and a sense of humor... Six brothers and Dad, seven men, to "study."

Years later, I know how much my relationship rules made life easier for me; and turned out to be good for a happy marriage too.

I pass them on now, knowing you will, of course, add or substitute your rules.  I wouldn't want it any other way.  ... an independent streak runs in our family... in  all of us.

Originally titled Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman--and they are...  Their intended desire, though, is happy, healthy lives--for all parties in a relationship--work, family, social, personal--making the most and best of this Life playground adventure we're in together.

It's a good thing.  - Anne Wondra, WonderSpirit


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