relationship confidence for young women, Relationship rules of a happy woman by Anne Wondra,
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RELATIONSHIP RULES for young women

I don’t know if all women have relationship rules. Mine started in my late teens / early 20s when my grandmother said, “Find somebody whose bad habits you think you can live with.” I don’t remember anything else from that incident.

A wisewoman writing. I write now as an elder in wisewoman years—sixty when originally published, approaching sixty-six now. If I had grandchildren, this is what I would share with them; as an aunt, great-aunt, and sister, this was noteworthy; and more importantly, made life and relationships healthier, easier, and more fun. What’s here is life-tested—by others, as well as me. Whether your relationships are family, friends, professional associates, strangers you happen to meet, or someone you’re interested in knowing better, this will offer some (entertaining) insight, ideas, and an invitation to make your own Relationship Rules.

Rules are standards and guidelines we create for ourselves—standard operating procedures and boundaries—based on what we know about ourselves, what makes us happy, what fuels our spirit to fly free, and our light to shine bright.

Grandma’s words planted a seed; a lens to look through about relationships. Life provided a growing-up playground to learn in: a sense of humor and house full of men–seven of them–to “study;” more men came later–surrounded by them–in social and professional circles.

I wrote this to share what made a positive difference for me, and provide a guide, a starting place, for your own Life Rules.  It is my hope you will use, add, and or substitute your rules for mine.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  … Grandma had an independent streak; it flows in our souls.

Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman. Creating confidence and a happy, healthy Life–for all partners in a relationship–work, family, social, personal.  Make the most and best of this Life adventure you’re in together.  

– Anne Wondra, WonderSpirit Soul Sistering

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 relationship confidence for young women, Relationship rules of a happy woman by Anne Wondra,