Relationship Rules

They started with Grandma's advice to the young woman I was back then:

Find somebody whose bad habits you think you can live with.

And I did... and added a few more rules, too.

Life gave me a delightful playground to learn in...

Years later, married nearly thirty years and very happy, I can say those Rules made life easier and a lot more fun; and turned out to be some good ones for a healthy marriage too.

I share them now to be that light my grandmother was for me.  Of course, you will add rules of your own.  We wouldn't want it any other way.  ... an independent streak runs in our family... maybe in  all of us. - Anne

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Relationship Rules eBook & extras

[Y]our beautiful story of love was an inspiration for me and your map is the one I used on my beautiful quest. "Bingo" it led me straight to "My Twin Flame" just like you said. Thank you for your beautiful wisdom sweet sister!   Minerva Peace Eagle Figueroa

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