Gentlemen, brothers, friends, associates,

I’ve been surrounded by them forever, starting with Dad and six brothers…

Guy friends came naturally, colleagues in mostly men-populated industries (law, religion, manufacturing), and in my 30’s, I met and married Michael…and kept those guy-friends.  Interestingly, Michael’s friends were mostly women; he kept his friends, too.

Occasionally I’m hired as a personal wellness coach by a friend, associate, or colleague who’s a guy. It’s worked out well. A starter session is a next step if you’re interested.

A sense of humor, spirit;

I’m a muse… and

according to a brother, come from a different planet–and I quote:

  You’re from a different planet.

Then smiled, shook his head, and added

but it works for you.

A sister of brothers

If you ask, you’ll get a straight answer…

No games. I expect that from you, also.

Life’s too short for those who drain our energy, or waste theirs.

A Starter Session appointment is a next step.

what other guys have said:

A lot of good men have graced my life; some creative sensitive ones have tapped in to my WonderSpirit coaching and soul sistering:

THE GOOD DUBYA Pretty on the outside,
Gorgeous on the in,
See the spirit in her eyes
and the dancing, dainty grin. She’s a know-er and a show-er,
She shares her learned` sights,
Uncovers the soul completely,
Teaches freedom, hope, and light. She’s “wondra”-ful beyond compare,
A charm, a joy, a breath
of fresh air to those in despair, —–those in arrears,
—–those lost on this sphere. Peace, and peace of mind
Make Anne  “the good dubya;
For that, and all else
We *realio, trulio’ lubya.

{*with apologies to Ogden Nash}

andy trout knickrehm     11-3-2007

Some conversations heal a wounded soul.

Happy New Year Anne. You are a part of things that got me where I am now. Thank You!!
You saw me at my darkest time and saw nothing but light.  (Rory K.  1.2.2017)