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Soul School for adults and teens

Hands-Free* Spiritual Simplifying, grounding, uplifting ...

What do you believe?

Are you exploring, perhaps different paths, and someone challenges, 'Just who do you think you are that you think you know better than  ... ??'

These are Personal-Core Challenges to your spirit and life-view that I will soul coach and guide you to answer for yourself.  And once you do, you will feel solid ground, and know it.  Always.  I promise.

Soul School courses

Inner Wisdom

Self-Loved and Soul Happy

 “Be yourself. Love yourself.  Center.  Align your energy with who you really are.”  

All magic keys to having, being, and doing anything we desire, with ease and joy.  And we have no idea how to do this, because life throws so much ‘stuff’ at us.  Receive an uplifting, empowering, self-re-centering tool chest of self-loving energy medicine for inner peace; self-worth, self-esteem, and soul-happiness; own-your-dreams beautiful-boundaries and self-care resources.

Spiritual Essence and knowing for sure.

The art and elements of Spiritual Path-choosing ... and  path-making.  A self-empowering Seeker's Toolkitcreating clarity, confidence, and freedom in your evolving personal maturing, deepening, awakenings.  Spiritual concepts, new thoughts and language, bridges across traditions, religions, and personal paths.

Family, individual, or groups.

Divine Images Icons Including and Elevating.

For women and exceptional men awakening and seeking sacred feminine imagery, art, archetypes, words, wisdom, and worldviews.  A missing heritage of soul wholeness, strength, power, wisdom.  Words feed souls, art fuels our imagination; feed and free your beautiful, bountiful, powerful, divine, feminine spirit.

Angels in their Afterlife.

Beliefs. Fears. Afterlife quests and comfort after loss.  A spirit healing soul deep exploring.  Is there an Afterlife?  What is it like?  What do you want to know?  What do you know for sure already?  Healing grief or facing our own life choices about exits and living.  Soulful days brought this one forward...

Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Confidence, and Self-Love.

Secrets and solid resources for practical situations and personally empowering, regardless.

Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman.

They started with my grandmother's words, and I used them.  Thirty years single, and nearly as many married, I can say Life is easier and lighter because of these; and yes, happy.

Re-defining Our Story

Life Transitions, Job Loss, Relationship Releasing, Life changes.

Change holds both fear and blessing.  Choose blessing and opportunity; and learn ways to feed and free your spirit, and re-find your joy.

The Soul and Flow of Money

Money and soul; the soul of money; and what a feminine spirit requires to receive with ease and grace.  Work, receiving, and worth.  How to play easier in a divine dance with that green energy of money; how universal laws and your allowing or resisting show up; and how to live a life you prosper in and enjoy.

Explore personal pursuits, prosperity beliefs, creating a living and a life, honoring your self, your worth, your spirit.

Goals Gotta Go...

Most gentle souls need to start someplace else.  What is useful for others, is not for us.  Honor your gentle, feminine, creative spirit.  I know a feminine way through.

Wellness, Goals, and Dreams.

Step into high-level wellness and the language, concepts, and resources of self-actualization, mindfulness, inclusive whole-person happiness, positive mind-body-spirit energy medicine.  Relax;   and feel good living in your element.  Well-being is a choice; and happiness is an inside job.

Leading, Feminine-style

There are ways our feminine spirit operates, leads, and does business that are different than you may have learned in business school and elsewhere. To lead effectively, naturally, confidently, name, claim, tame, aim, and own your natural style grace and power.  Once you do, life gets easier and more fun.  Lighthearted learning to build self-esteem, empower young leaders, and inspire positive partnerships.

Men and the Feminine


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