Prosperity has many layers.  Creativity and synergy are among them–when experiences together bring awareness…


First, there are spiritual aspects of money, prosperity, and abundance.  This year I heard a woman speak of these, including an old concept of tithingwhich she redefined and presented in a most pivotal, compelling, pragmatic way:  Sharing of our abundance is to be given to wherever our soul has been fed.

And wherever our soul has been fed is a very different, more open and personal decision than most of us have ever been taught.   Edwene Gaines has a delightful sense of humor, and I think you may enjoy this.  I have never heard these principles brought forward like this, ever.  This was soul food for me; maybe for you too.

Minimum Wage and Unpaid Workers.

Second, there’s a conversation about the value of minimum wage work and those who provide them; how their contribution is valued, or not.

I’m including those who hold roles that are unpaid work as well.

The catalyst was a paragraph in an article titled, The Minimum Wage Debate; What are We Really Missing?  posted September 2017 on the Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Community blog.

The author ironically mentions an 800-pound gorilla in the room–and completely misses a 5-ton pink elephant in there, too:

Mandated minimum wage increases are just a bandage on the broken arm of the much severe challenge at large.  The real source of the problem is the 800-pound gorilla in the room, but yet everyone is afraid to say it.  As we the people, we should not be demanding $15 per hour compensation for a minimum wage job; we should be demanding better jobs.  Jobs associated with minimum wage compensation are usually jobs set aside for low-skill or no-skill workers.  These are usually entry-level positions where the value provided by the employee is not of its greatest value relating to the product or service offered to the consumer.  … [italics mine]

I’ve worked in corporate and I know the measuring stick that’s commonly used.  I once told someone not to measure me by his yardstick, and that’s what’s happening here.

Someone’s ‘business model’ is judging other individuals and some kinds of work (jobs) are low-skill or no-skill and somehow not as valuable to an end product or deserving of a minimum hourly compensation.

Who determines what’s low-skill or no-skill?  and what or who is adding greater value?

Someone is still needed to do these jobs, services, work–cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping, meal prep, event set-up, greeting visitors, providing hospitality–and the list goes on. You want to eat out and have someone prepare your meal and serve you–and their time and skills is less than yours, and not worthy of fair and life-supporting compensation?  Really?

Consider exactly WHO and what roles and services are being deemed not as valuable.   Restaurant and food service workers, janitorial staff, clerical and administrative support, farmers, part and product assemblers, child care providers, teachers, landscapers, and countless others.

These workers provide essential basic support for everything to run smoothly–businesses and households.

Having worked in the hydraulics industry and grown up on a farm, I am well aware that without proper fluid in those hoses, tractors and bulldozers and cars are all just giant paper weights–incapable of  activating any of their massive power.  Blood in our veins is the same.

Our social economics are skewed by business and dollar numbers that devalue some workers as less.  Isn’t it reasonable that most people want to be appreciated, do a good job at what they do, and be compensated fairly–enough to pay their bills, put food on the table, have a place to live, and create a decent life in their community?

Not all workers are in the business world.  Many are providing services in homes, communities, and organizations who are not paid through a job or workplace.  Writers, artists, care-givers, child care workers, transportation services, visiting home-bound, domestic help, volunteers.

How many organizations depend on volunteers?

Those are uncompensated work hour providing support services everywhere.  Like the air we breathe and blood in our veins, it’s taken for granted, not highly valued in our economic numbers.

There’s so much more in this conversation.  The 5-ton pink elephant is who these workers often are, how they got there, and that not everyone is motivated by money or in the business game.  The human heart and spirit are powerful.


Enough, Sufficiency, and human relationships

No one wants to feel useless.  A healthy human spirit wants to be engaged, feel appreciated and loved, and be of service in ways that leave their dignity in tact. There’s a lot of human spirit potential and willing service being left on the table.  There’s a lot of human spirit healing needed–and a different kind of leadership, vision, and sensitivity needed–to powerfully play life’s game differently.

I call it high-level wellness and offer month-long human-spirit-healing programs.  We all have so much good to offer.

And there’s that concept of tithing we started out with, and those other three spiritual laws of prosperity.  I’m being more aware of where my soul is being fed, and also who has fed and served my soul in the past–with their free programs and uplifting emails and inspiring words.  Paying it forward and paying it backward are now in my awareness.

The vehicle that takes us where we want to go isn’t always our own.  (my words)

Don’t measure everything.  Do what you can to help another.  Some day you may be the one who needs help. (my dad’s words)

I don’t orchestrate the world

I don’t orchestrate the world, and numbers are not really my thing–except I’ve come to enjoy Sudoku … once I learned there was no math involved in playing it.

What I do know is that I don’t do this work alone–none of us does–and that if I’m still here, I’m here for a reason; and like a Sudoku puzzle game, one answer reveals itself at a time…in no particular order.

I’ve learned to be okay with that.  I’m happier that way.  And that feeds my soul.

Blessings and much love to each of you.  – Anne

live life as if everything was rigged in your favor - rumi



Prosperity for all
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