Be yourself.  There’s something you can do better than any other.  Listen to that inward voice and bravely obey that.  (Unknown)

Ugly Duckling

In a small town parochial grade-school class, the kid who was made fun of, shunned, who didn’t quite fit in was me.  A farm kid, I was much happier around animals, nature, and books, than people.  What I looked like or what I was wearing weren’t in my awareness.  There weren’t many mirrors in the house, no full-length ones at all.

From then to now, I learned a lot about self-esteem and confidence.  Life provided perfect classrooms and catalysts to grow in; and also a heart and tools to support, reassure, and encourage others.


Self-Love and Confidence:  Play to your Passion, Promise, and Pleasure

It takes courage to come out of hiding, to see and be our self.  I’ll help.  We can do this.

You’ll learn how to create confidence and feel a healthy, vibrant sense of self-esteem.  It changes a girl’s life–her friends, her health, her job, how she is treated, who she becomes, and more.   The secret: learn to play life your way, leveraging your strengths, and eliminate power robbers that drain your effectiveness, credibility, and dim your shining light.  I will help you name your strengths, own them, and choose healthy self-care boundaries to honor them.  Feel stronger, happier, more confident, centered,  and beautiful.

Class / Group:

  • You and up to four friends
  • Comfy private setting
  • Creating Confidence and a healthy sense of self-esteem
  • Illuminate and eliminate power robbers that drain yours
  • Name and own your strengths and choose healthy self-care boundaries
  • 30-minute personalizing 1:1s

Love Exchange:

  • Group:  $90 / pp    Private Study:  $450 / month