Spiritual Path-Making

Spiritual Path-Making

is our dance with Life as we change and grow through time.  Life traveling.

BELIEFS connected to religion and spirituality are the most Powerful influence on our Vitality, Well-Being, JOY, and LENS through which we see and live.


Spirit freedom is important to me... a Spirit of lightness.  Feeling Safe and Sure as you Search, is also.

The catalysts to Spiritual Path-Seeking are usually personal--not always one thing; often a combination of many.

Simple Spirituality

is your personal one-to-one relationship with your divine Source and Inner Wisdom.

The Seeker's Toolkit™

Is THE MOST Spirit-FREEING, POWERFUL piece I ever created for sorting out beliefs and finding clarity, confidence, and solid ground.


Maybe Religion makes no sense; or maybe you've had too much of it already.

Or maybe you, too, have a natural spiritual curiosity and you want to know more.

Wherever your questions are taking you, this Seeker's Toolkit course will:

  • make it easier,
  • free and empower your spirit,
  • bring clarity and peace,
  • and will become part of you.

Spiritual Services - Guidance - Soul Sistering - Coaching

We start where you are and where you are growing, exploring, being drawn.

Any fear factors, religion taboos, and guilt around exploring spiritual practices outside your own, we'll handle those together.   (This is a road I have traveled and enjoy being of service on.)

Expanding grade-school beliefs and deepening understandings is evolving as adults.