Are you in a spiritual search?

Needing more that feeds and frees your spirit, soul, mind, and body?

What I know of feminine-spirit energy is that she needs to feel freedom, joy, love, empowered, safe, and connected.

Spiritual Awakening, Personal Transitions happen


  • Mid-to-late teens | late 20s-early-30s | late 30ish-to-50-something Mid-life whammies

Defining-Moments, Catalysts:

  • Life has shaken your heart and faith.
  • Trust broken; hurt and betrayal
  • Circumstances changed and beliefs crumbled.
  • What used to be your religion doesn’t work anymore.
  • Your gifts, sensitivities, and consciousness are awakening, expanding.
  • Significant life change is happening.

These are your soul’s awakening.

Welcome to WonderSpirit.

This is a place to learn; restore own and grow your Light; to find joy, love, and freedom, and feel good being you.

I met Anne at a time in my life when I was experiencing what I’ve learned to call a ‘spiritual awakening.’  This may sound like a whole lot of fun, but to me, it was downright scary!

Anne was able to continually calm my fears, and guide me on my personal journey in a personalized, loving dedicated way that I would not have thought possible.  She didn’t guide me based upon some regurgitated spiritual coaching process or workbook.  She guided me through true Spirit with incredible compassion, intuition, and a pure and gentle knowing that to this day makes me feel safe and protected enough to continue my spiritual exploration and expansion.  To me, Anne is simply — “The Wondra.”  (Heather Blessington, Anne Wondra Feminine Spiritual Coaching Student 2016)

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What I know of feminine-spirit energy is that it needs to feel freedom, joy, love, empowered, safe, and connected.  That’s what I offer.

Ok, I’ve thought about it…I do like the Soul Coach title.  You always make my soul feel alive and kickin’!  …  Thanks for always being such a big supporter in my life.  Visiting with you is like coming home again.  (Nicole)

I know this is personal, trust me.

I have read this message several times. Your response makes me feel like you
know where I am. – John R.

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In feminine spirit arts and sciences, the Sacred and what’s Spiritual is not confined to a day of the week or a particular hour.  What’s Spiritual and Sacred are integrated into our lives, our world, our being who we are on this earth.  – Anne Wondra

I always feel better when I talk to you.  (Mary)

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