Soul Sistering

There's a spiritual element in my life coaching... because in my world, Living this Life--in alignment and congruence with our Soul and Source--is essentially spiritual.

I always feel better when I talk to you. 

I am strangely uplifted today vs. beaten down, and the only difference in my circumstance was meeting with you. Thank you. - Karen

Spirit and Life

They're connected.  Spirit guides our life, things like values, beliefs, moral standards, ethics, knowing right from wrong.

Along the way, we have questions and need answers--something rocks our boat or our world.  Soul work and human normal stuff that life is made of.

  • Evolving over time...ages and stages; break-ups and healing; and being changed by life-seasoning experiences
  • Spirituality and religion and beliefs
  • Science, beliefs, bibles, biology, break-ups
  • Traditions and teachers
  • Out-of-ordinary experiences, inquiries
  • Relationships
  • Restlessness
  • Letting go's
  • Defining moments
  • a seeking for something solid, soul-honoring, and timeless in shifting times

Soul Sistering Life Coaching

Soul sistering is my way of doing life coaching.  To be me--or any of us, for that matter--is to bring all of who we've become, all of our abilities and experience, expertise and resources, into our roles.  My Artist Statement and professional bio links have more on mine.  For the good of all and harm to none.


Starter sessions

It's a way to begin.  It's a nominal monetary investment in exchange for what I offer. Never underestimate the power of good that will come out of this.

I offer comforting, reassuring, no-pressure, no-sales-pitches sessions of individual soul sistering and resources for some very personal kinds of growing.  Learn more.

a personal Spirituality (online course)

Creating a personal Spirituality is an online course available anytime.  Learn more