I always feel better when I talk to you. 

I am strangely uplifted today vs. beaten down, and the only difference in my circumstance was meeting with you. Thank you. - Karen

Growing takes us out of familiar places and into new ones.
Growing takes us out of familiar places and into new ones.

Growing, Changing

We thought our religion was supposed to last a lifetime ... and much of it does.  And then we need MORE than what's offered there.


We want our spiritual path to feel true, grounding, guiding; to empower, support, inspire, and fuel our real everyday, changing lives  ...

Our world has evolved, and so have wel

We grow outside the lines of our childhood religion... because Life brings experiences, catalysts, to become more conscious;

So we need to find a personal spirituality that fuels this life and feeds our soul ...

It happens.

  • Getting older, living through more life-seasoning experiences
  • Spiritual unease in Sunday services
  • Science, beliefs, bibles, biology, break-ups
  • Traditions and teachers
  • Out-of-ordinary experiences, inquiries
  • Relationships
  • Restlessness
  • Letting go's
  • Defining moments
  • a seeking for something solid, soul-honoring, and timeless in shifting times

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I offer comforting, reassuring, no-pressure starter sessions of individual soul sistering and resources for these very personal kinds of growing.  Learn more.

I met Anne at a time in my life when I was experiencing what I've learned to call a 'spiritual awakening.'  This may sound like a whole lot of fun, but to me, it was downright scary!

Anne was able to continually calm my fears, and guide me on my personal journey in a personalized, loving dedicated way that I would not have thought possible.  She didn't guide me based upon some regurgitated spiritual coaching process or workbook.  She guided me through true Spirit with incredible compassion, intuition, and a pure and gentle knowing that to this day makes me feel safe and protected enough to continue my spiritual exploration and expansion.  To me, Anne is simply -- "The Wondra."  (Heather Blessington, Anne Wondra Feminine Spiritual Coaching Student 2016)

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Ok, I've thought about it...I do like the Soul Coach title.  You always make my soul feel alive and kickin'!  ...  Thanks for always being such a big supporter in my life.  Visiting with you is like coming home again.  (Nicole Isler)

I'm colorful .... I've got a past and I've been around a while...

I have read this message several times. Your response makes me feel like you know where I am. - John R.?

Magic happens in my world...delightful surprises. ... connecting ...