Where do I Start?

  1.  We can start with a blank sheet of paper.
  2.  Or simply book a Starter Session.

Starter Resources

A Life I Really Want Game Plan

What does your Heart want?

20 Things a Creative Heart Desires

Areas of a Perfect Life *

Strong Personal Foundation *

What are your Beliefs * (a favorite)

Who What You Really Want * (longer, more detailed)


How much will it cost?

2 things:

  1. I prefer to call it an Investment.   'Costs' are a different conversation. And,
  2. Universal laws flow with balance and exchange--like breathing: inhale requires an exhale to continue life.

Memberships offer your best advantages.

I made them accessible to an average person on a lasting life wellness and spirit happiness path.




*Thomas Leonard, Visionary

** love-your-life workshop center