We all know somebody going through changes, hurts, awakenings, and rebuildings.  We also know that sometimes our role, our place, is not to be their coach or sounding board or spiritual director or strategist or guide as they’re going through their changes.  It is my role, though.

1-month program gift certificate, wonderspirit.com

1-Month Gift Certificates

A workshop and a month of follow-through support coaching and resources with me.  All of these workshops are whole-person uplifting and positive.  All of them use my 3 rules.   All of them inspire self-worth and self-esteem, confidence and clarity.

Why 1-month?

Because life is moving faster and attention spans are getting shorter.  One month, four weeks, is a doable focus commitment for most.

No strings or up-selling or whatever.  This is what I do, where I can help and be of service, what feeds my soul as I’m feeding others’.

What else do you want to know?

Ask me anything.

To Purchase a 1-Month Gift Certificate:



Check Made out to: WonderSpirit LLC

When a Gift Certificate is purchased, I will provide a dated, signed, customized Certificate, either printed or provided electronically.

The 1-Month Gift begins on the Workshop date that will be arranged.

Thank you!


Gift Certificates

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