Woman Spirit Wednesdays

Woman Spirit Wednesdays at Kindred Spirit Center, Waukesha
Woman Spirit Wednesdays at Kindred Spirit Center, Waukesha

Inner Wisdom:  What is your Harvest this Year

'Woman Spirit' Wonder Woman Wednesdays

I've been called WONDER WOMAN a lot

... this name I came with and what I do…

and this Wonder Woman movie showing up ... now

inspiringly powerful and activating ...

Wonder Woman movie poster 2017

I am feeling it

a stronger, empowerful, passionate energy around these times we're in--and who we are coming forward to be.

Contrast, great events, shock, electric jolts, bring clarity and awaken our souls.

Nothing is by chance.

Women are resonating with this movie--men, too.   We're ready for this superhero -- inspiring US.

We're coming forward to BE truly who we really are.

This story reaches deep; calls out greatness, and inspires what we're capable of and passionate about.

It calls us out to OWN and BE  that powerful, strong, Force-for-Good we are here to be--as long as we're not doing it alone ...  (Yes!)

Take the next 15 minutes, grab a coffee, and watch;

note anything that lights your fire; reminds you of who you are and why you're here.

There is a strong sense of purpose, a desire to be a powerful force for good, in ALL of us.  We were born with it.  When it gets triggered, we remember.

It takes a circle of women to Empower, Support, and Inspire a Powerful Goddess.

Each one of us is powerful, and a goddess.  Passionate.  Caring deeply.  Ready...  or maybe not quite.

We fear being ourselves, and alone.   Somewhere in our souls we remember another time when it was not safe to be who we are.

We have learned to hide or play act as someone else for so long, we've forgotten who we are.

Some of us are by nature sensitive, shy, tune inward to process life.  Our nature is more quiet and not as front-and-center public.

That doesn't mean our CALLINGS are any less powerful or important.


Providing a safe Place where goddesses, Wise Women like us, to gather and meet in person.

Providing resources for recharging

Allow, encourage, coach, support, celebrate, witness, introduce, anoint, teach, and empower our BEING true to OUR best SELVES.

We are so much more powerful on our own behalf when don't feel so alone.


Incredible AWESOMENESS, Radiating out into this world.

All boats rise with the tide.

Madam Anne,

It was my pleasure Anne. Being with you yesterday, I felt your lovely, light-weight, spirit. Your gentle laugh seems always just there ready to come forth as you close your eyes in amusement. I enjoyed soaking you up one-on-one Anne. Thank you for your honest observations. I look forward to more personal time with you exploring our paths together. I feel quite blessed to have finally met you.

Live your truth,

Jenni Zielke


First Wednesdays

Live, in-person, real time.


Soul-feeding conversations

Clearing out whatever compromises your courage;

Releasing energy-draining baggage

Replacing wing-clipping words with spirit-soaring ones


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Now ALSO in Wauwatosa on 4th Wednesdays

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Inner Wisdom:  What is your Harvest this Year

First Wednesdays at Kindred Spirit Coaching & Wellness
First Wednesdays - Kindred Spirit Coaching & Wellness