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Following are some extra resources to complement your Relationship Rules reading and create your own healthy relationships.

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Firework by Katy Perry

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Life Wisdom from the WonderSpirit Collection 

50-Question Keeper List

Relationships Wheel

Finding Your People

Sisters Girlfriends

47 Years and Counting

Men Just Want to Make us Happy

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Unconditional Love


Shine-your-light Worksheet

Relationship Rules notes page

YOU are a Light.  What and who [activities, people, places, favorite things, etc.] lights up your smile, your confidence, your energy?

Originally, this book was called Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman. And even now with its current subtitle, Confidence Creating for Young Women, it’s not expansive enough. It is my desire that ALL of us, all genders, find happy, healthy, fulfilling relationships. – Anne Wondra

I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack