Feminine Spirituality

What is feminine spirituality?

Feminine spirituality is experienced by and through women--in all those intricate, fine-tuned senses and experiences that are uniquely ours.

Women experience and know HOLY.  Blood mysteries some call them... Knowings, rites of passage of womanhood, energy and sensitivity in all female beings.

Feminine Spirituality brings forth life and nourishes; its starting place and experiences are earthy and sensual; like Mother Nature.

As daughter of a god, she is a goddess; a blessed, living, breathing, walking, healing-this-earth, divine being.

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A woman's soul is no small thing...

Sacred Feminine Art Science and Religion

Most won't find sacred feminine spirituality in masculine-oriented church religion classes....

It's hidden in plain sight all around us, though.

It's a spiritual awakening that opens more joy, wholeness, integrity.