Feminine Spiritual

She was missing, hidden, in our catholic religion; even more in friends’ religions.

That hidden Divine She, Mother, Woman… It spilled over into our culture, language, imagination, religions; reverence and respect of nature and all that’s feminine, along with Her.

Spiritual Feminine

Feminine spiritual awareness, awakening–a roar of awakening–1996, feast of the Epiphany; divine exquisite timing; and life-changing

a clear deep knowing I couldn’t stay;

some things are deal-breakers … tipping points, watersheds, defining moments…

I missed, needed, Her, was compelled to find Her.

It was that mirror, you know… either the mirror was wrong or my religion was incomplete

Leaving led me to find what my soul hungered for: spiritual wise women teachers, feminine art and wisdom, a spirituality that included Her …  that celebrated this feminine spirit, because the sacred feminine lives in me and in every woman, in nature, in all attributes considered feminine...

Without Her, divine mother spirit wisdom, and divinity as feminine, women and all things feminine are deemed less-than.; and there is no equality or balance or respect or reverence of Her ways, Her powers…healing.

I’d read the scriptures, studied them well, and knew there was more–much more–than my religion allowed or spoke of. Mother Earth, sensuality and sensitivity, body mind emotions, intuitive intelligence;  embodied feminine sacred presence…

Whole, holy, complete, divine … found in nature, writing, art, music, living cultures and traditions across time.

A woman’s body is a living sacred vessel of creation and birthing, a life bringer…

This path-finding search turned into path-making. When you don’t fit where you once did, and you still love what you had before–even though it’s not enough to feed your soul anymore–you’re led, compelled, to find what does.

How to find a spirit-feeding spiritual path

Twenty-five years later, I share this process and generous resources of spiritual, feminine-inclusive path-making. You’ll take your own path, as I did, and countless others have. This is my offer to assist, make it easier, shine a light a places traditional others might not. Find out more.