Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is taking care of our own energy.

Feminine energy thrives when we feel free, happy, playful, joyous, loved, empowered, confident, safe, and connected. (Anne Wondra, American writer)

It includes healthy-selfish personal care and beautiful boundaries.

Energy medicine is not a drug.

New-Age-sounding concepts that are really not new

…They’re hidden in plain sight everywhere.

energy medicine everyday quiet time thought-gathering mornings anne wondra wonderspirit classes

quiet time thought-gathering mornings

Personal practices for feeling safe, relaxed, calm, peaceful, confident, good in our own skin.

Peace Love and Safety

We have been taught to fear many things; it’s used in marketing, medicine, and business.  Worry is another energy habit we’ve been conditioned to carry.

Those energies dim our spirit, our light.  Your energy retracts and shrinks.

Confidence, clarity, and joy–your natural spirit light–dims.

Self-care energy medicine

restores confidence; reconnects to love, peace, and well-being; empowers you to know and restore your own light anytime you need to.   I can show you how.


Spirit-freeing, Self-soothing, Feel-better energy-medicine sessions

Personal to you.

Contact us and schedule a session.

Those Woo-woo Words

Overwhelmed?  Fearful?

No worries.  3 Rules;

I go for the JOY, and LOVE what I do.  ♥

What do you want to learn about?

We’ll just begin there.

  • The Seeker’s Toolkit
  • Mystics, Metaphysics, Intuition, Soul and Spirit, Universal Laws
  • Laws of Attraction, Love, Reflection, Reciprocity
  • Crystals, Pendulums, Tarot cards, Angel cards
  • Angels and Spirit guides, Psychics, Meditation, Reiki
  • Channeled writings, Music, Art, Creating
  • Animal companions
  • Water, Walking, Sunshine, Mindfulness, Self-Actualizing