CYA Guide

Cover your Assets Guide for Professionals; what to know before you leave your job

A vintage teaching essay of mine, written in 2006 when my corporate playground world was in human resources.  It's a 13-page guide for business professionals working as employees.

This is what I know now, that I didn't going in.  And this is also  pragmatic advice for preserving your career assets--in ways that are not commonly taught in MBA classes (at least, they weren't in mine).

CYA Guide

Buy now and in addition to the report, I'll include a Life Changes and Refinding Happiness resource, too.

Originally created for displaced employees when a local company closed, it was later re-purposed as a wellness resource tool.  Life happens, changes happen, and there are four forward-moving, refinding-happiness things you can do that will help.

All that for a budget-friendly investment.