July 31, 2020

Thought to try out, about you, from another resource I enjoy:

Relative to ... any ... with whom we would interact, our one dominant intention would be to give them a conscious understanding of how powerful and important and valuable and perfect they are. Every word that would come out of our mouths would be a word that would be offered with the desire to help this individual know that they are powerful. It would be a word of empowerment. We would set the Tone for upliftment and understand that everything will gravitate to that Tone if we would maintain it consistently.

Excerpted from Chicago, IL on 7/19/97 |

July 26, 2018

This post came from a writer I follow.  I thought of you; and that your mom would be this proud and touched by the young man you are also.

Someone Like Him by Elle Harris

Love you.  You're not a young man of a lot of words; I get that.  And I am full of words... more written than spoken... and share quirky things.

Just know you're loved and I'm proud of you and appreciate you just as you are.  What an interesting coincidence* that you're called 'Eddie' by your teammates, too...  Great job and great game Monday night, too, by the way.  Loved that throw to first base for the out!  What a good team you're part of.

All cooperating components are being assembled.  - Abraham

All lives are connected. The whys are often unknown until way later looking back.  'God winks' and 'Spirit messages' though -- like that Eddie nickname of yours -- seem to be delightfully specific to get (my) attention.

Have a great day.  It's now July 26, the feast of St. Anne...and a Thursday.  I'll be in town for Mom day.

Hugs.  Love you.  - Aunt Anne / Annabelle

Hi Austin,

I haven't created a page for a young man before.  This will be interesting.

It's a private page; only you have the link, and anyone you choose to share it with.

You can ask me anything, make requests.

And me, I'll share stuff I think might be helpful, interesting, uplifting.

Building Boys

Jennifer L. W. Fink is mom to four boys, a nationally known writer and speaker, lives in Mayville, and is your mom's and my first cousin.  She writes for parents and educators mostly.  Not sure if her articles will be of interest or not.  Wanted to let you know about her, though.

All for now.  Love you.  -  Aunt Annabelle  - 2/21/2018