Spirit and Life Coaching

… because life and spirit and wellness are connected.

I am strangely uplifted today vs. beaten down, and the only difference in my circumstance was meeting with you. Thank you.


Why are the vast majority of adults … bored, lonely, and afraid? Because they don’t know who they are…

Walt Whitman

Who we are is much more than our physical bodies, our jobs, our circumstances. Our greatness shines through us.

We are conditioned to find fault, though; to worry and fear, instead of confidently and joyously living and trusting our soul’s freeing, guiding light. In ordinary, everyday things, we make up our life story.

Why you want a coach.

None of us does this Life thing alone. It’s a self-discovery adventure, a sacred, most personal, and sensitive, ever-changing experience. And humans grow and learn and play in connecting with others. A coach is there with you, a confidential confidant, empowering, inspiring, and encouraging you. Here’s more about coaches. Read More

Begin here

Most people like an easy way to begin–without a big commitment or investment. Starter Sessions are comfortable and easy; and there are no sales pitches or pushing or pressure. Why?  

Golden Rule thing: Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you. I don’t like it when I’m buying something and someone’s following that old, warn-out script, so I don’t do it in any of my offerings either. Options, yes. And freedom always. That’s how spirit thrives.

Starter Sessions are a straight-forward purchase; you’re renting me for a session of time and service that will benefit both of us–Spirit likes balanced exchanges…like breathing; inhale, exhale, repeat.

A lot comes out of these: clarity, focus, resources, a sense of direction, renewed energy, .   Learn more.

Another place to start is a self-study online course. Classes provide a library of resources I’ve curated and created around subjects Life brought me to study and learn in. At this stage (over fifty, wise woman years), I’m using technology to assist in sharing good stuff I hope will help you, too. Classes tab (sidebar) gets you to my Learning Library. Some like live in-person private sessions in their mix, too. I especially enjoy those, because so much more happens in open honest adventurous conversations. Everyone is enriched.

Online courses

More courses.  Explore HERE