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I cannot stay in a place that continues to insist on my guilt, sinfulness, evil ... and become good, great, loving, and inspired.  (Journal notes)

Is this you?

Have you walked away already?

Or still showing up faithfully, and hurting inside--because of a lot of reasons?

Feminine Spiritual counselor coach and teacher

because I have been where you are once...

Until I couldn't anymore.

Mine was a Roar of Awakening, in a Sunday night service, on the feast of Epiphany... and it was!

When you can't go forward and you can't go backward, and you can't stay where you are without killing off something vital inside, you're on the edge of creation. - Sue Monk Kidd

That's the Roar that birthed WonderSpirit -- a part of me that got stronger as I grew and wouldn't go away.  I had to become who I was born to be, who I am NOW, a powerful shining comforting guiding light for you.

I have been prepared well; perfectly, in fact.

Religion, beliefs about ourselves, are supposed to provide a solid empowering strong foundation for our souls and selves to grow and thrive through anything.

Does yours?

That Baltimore Catechism and those Bibles

may have been a starting point years back... or not.  Some had to memorize them for religion classes.

Are they speaking to you?

Words, language, and gender do matter.

Is your soul being fed words and images it needs to wonderfully, confidently, and powerfully follow its calling?

Spiritual Women, Sensitives, Gifted ones, Free-spirited Thinkers, Soft-spoken Listeners, Healers, Independents, Creatives, Leaders, Awakening Souls  have been led to believe they're lacking, less than, that something is wrong with them...

How about a different, affirming, feminine-spiritual perspective?

I'm ready when you are.

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