Soul Sistering Life Coaching

The Soul's job is to wake itself up, break out of shells, grow wings, and fly free.

... and exquisitely perfect catalysts are provided to push our buttons.  Whatever is going on, on a Soul level, you're growing, you're changing, and it's part of a natural process of transforming.   Never underestimate the reassuring support, comfort, and power of a lifeline and a light to make challenging places easier and more uplfiting to navigate.

Begin with a single Starter Session. ... no commitments, no pressure.  Read more.


Life Coach

Confidence-building specialist.

Personal Self-Growing.


Creating a Personal Spirituality

CATE is an online course that can be taken independently and as part of our work together.  CATE (Catholic around the edges)

Personal Wellness Coaching

In corporate HR, wellness was my wheelhouse--not medical; all the healthy life-energy-happiness-self-care, whole-person, natural, lifestyle stuff that comes before that.  Here's a sample of what I mean.




Women's Writing Group

Virtual Women's Writing Group, 4th Wednesdays of each month, hold space for connecting, creating, clearing, and clarity. Writing is a wellness and creativity conduit and practice.

Special Projects

Writing, editing, proofreading;

technology-shares: learning / creating together, WordPress website / blog; word, excel, presentation prep;

travel partner;

Personal Sliding-into-Home projects support.

Moving your Words and Voice Onward  (Printable PDF)


Card Readings

For entertainment at a gathering and or spirit-calming soothing wisdom.  Oracle cards are a spiritual tool; offering insight, confirmation, clarification...and conversation.  When a spirit needs peace or insight, a card brings beautiful guided messages.

Angel cards and heart-to-hearts, when a spirit needs uplifting.


... the Angel reading you did for me a couple of years ago was one of the most helpful that I have had. - Mari G.

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