Bio and Backstory


On the personal side,

I share this life with my husband, Michael Robichaud, and our furry feline family. We found each other in our 30s; and both of us are creative types.

I love art, Michael, cats, coffee, and beaches...not necessarily in that order. I'm a creative muse.

I've always appreciated the arts, nature, beauty, and surrounding myself with it.

Somewhere I started writing... First, it was collecting 'life wisdom' ... words that uplifted me, helped me figure out how life worked, who I was; words that held wisdom that applied across religions and skin colors and inspired me to be a better person.

Independent endeavors and free spirits are in my blood...

a farmer's daughter; my grandmother started her own business too; and there are more writers in our family tree.  Writing and WonderSpirit are a part of me that got stronger as I got older, and had to find expression.

I grew up Catholic

in a small rural town, on a dairy farm in Wisconsin; siblings included six brothers and a sister.

A sense of humor and playfulness feed my spirit; Michael too! I love beaches, morning coffee dates, beauty and nature, animals, walk and talks, sunshine, and laughter; I love being happy and being who I am here to be. And I feel blessed and happy, and pass it on.

Bio and Background

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement - June 2016



Top 5 Signature Strengths:  Maximizer / Strategic / Intellection / Connectedness / Activator

Is it any wonder I'm a coach?.... ♥

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