women's stories, spiritual writings, and imagery ...

Feminine spiritual is the missing hidden half of my catholic heritage.   It spills into culture, language, imagination; reverence and respect of all things feminine.

Spiritual Awakening

Mine was a roar of awakening, January 6, 1996--feast of the Epiphany and of the Holy Family.  It was a powerful epiphany, a clear deep knowing that I couldn't stay, that when I walked out of church that night, I would not be coming back... that my soul needed the voices and spiritual wisdom of women, and words that included divinity as bodily like me, a whole gender not represented.  I'd read the scriptures, studied them well, and knew there was more than my beloved religion allowed or spoke of.

Earthiness, sensuality and sensitivity, body mind emotions intuitive intelligence;  embodied sacred presence.

Whole, holy, complete, divine ... found in nature, writing, art, music, living cultures and traditions across time.

Our Bodies ... are living sacred vessels

I missed Her, was compelled to find Her.   It was that mirror, you know... either the mirror was wrong or my beloved religion was... I had to leave, to search and find spiritual arts and wisdom that included Her ... celebrating the feminine spirit, because She is the sacred feminine in me, in everyone.

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