A female soul is no small thing.  Neither is a woman’s right to define the Sacred from a woman’s perspective. (Sue Monk Kidd)

Finding missing pieces.

Exploring spirituality from a different starting place, a different lens and operating system; empowering each of us to Own, Feed, and Free our Divine Spirit and soul, our delightful Goddess within; our lives, roles, and worth.

A daughter of a god is a goddess.

We are Everyday goddesses–living, breathing, walking this earth.

The SACRED FEMININE in Arts Sciences and Religion

This is powerful when one finally puts it together.  It was when I did.origins sculpture, wonderspirit feminine spirit sacred feminine spirituality classes private study guide

And so is the process and courses that came from it.

This Process is the Most Spirit-FREEING thing I have ever created!

A woman’s soul is no small thing

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