Group Classes and Private Study

Feed your spirit soul life.  Live easier, feel happier, lighter.

Inner Wisdom Wellness

Religion and Spirituality.

Comes with a self-empowering Seeker's Toolkit™ for confident, courageous exploring and clarity in your personal path finding.  Distinctions, diversity, common ground; explore contemporary spiritual arts and sciences, experiences and concepts, new thoughts and language, bridges of understanding across traditions, religions, and personal path-taking.  You'll find your answers to Who am I?  and Why am I here?

Family, individual, and group study.

Feminine Spiritual Her-story and Heritage.

Divine imagery, art, archetypes, words, wisdom, and worldviews of feminine spirituality.  Feed and free your spirit with inspiring, beautiful, bountiful soul food worthy of a goddess.

Angels in their Afterlife.

Is there an Afterlife?  What is it like?  What do you want to know?  What do you know for sure already?

Self-Esteem, Confidence, and Self-Love.

Always play to your Passion, Promise, and Pleasure.  Own and grow your greatest gift.

Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman.

They started with my grandmother's words, and I never forgot them.  Thirty years single, and nearly as many married, I can say Life is easier and lighter with these.

Self-finding and Re-storying

Life Transitions, Job Loss, Relationship Releasing, Life changes.

In linguistics and culture, change holds both fear and blessing.  I choose blessing and opportunity; and offer ways to feed your spirit and re-find your joy.

Soul Economics.

Money and soul.  Work, receiving, and worth.  How to play easier in a divine dance with that energy that is money; how universal laws and your allowing or resistance to receiving show up; and how to live a life you love and prosper.  Explore entrepreneurial pursuits, prosperity beliefs, creating a living and a life, honoring your self, your worth, growing and knowing.

Goals Gotta Go...

When they're not ours.  Goals are a useful corporate masculine business model for masculine types.  They work for many--and not so much for many creative feminine spirit types.  I know what does, instead.

Wellness, Goals, and Dreams.

Used in mixed-gender student groups and classes; private lessons also.  Introduces high-level wellness language, concepts, resources, and whole-person, positive, mind-body-spirit energy medicine.

Feminine Leadership

Doing life, spirit, and business differently, naturally, confidently.  Own your feminine leadership operating system.  Once you do, life gets easier and more fun.  Lighthearted learning to build self-esteem, empower young leaders, and inspire positive partnerships.