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Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday: 10 am to 7 pm

Saturday mornings: 9 am to noon

Sunday afternoons: Rarely

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WonderSpirit Anne Wondra office is located in the Kindred Spirit Center

Monday Morning calls

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Women Writers

4th Wednesdays (Printable PDF)

EDG coaching calls

1st and 3rd Sunday Night

Summer Classes

Groups and Privately

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Summer Reading Women's Book Club Fridays

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Love Exchanges for classes, services, and programs support this work and support others.  No one, however, is turned away due to lack of funds.  Exchange what you can.



* Prefer to send a check? Make them out to WonderSpirit LLC and mail to the address in the lower left footer.

... to write is a primary human instinct: the drive to name, order, and in a sense control our experience.  (Julia Cameron)

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