I call it a Seeker’s Toolkit.  It is THE MOST Spirit-FREEING, EMPOWERFUL piece I ever created for sorting out beliefs and finding clarity, confidence, and solid ground.

I created it when a major assignment took me into areas of spiritual curiosity outside my religion’s tradition and comfort zone.  I’ve used it and shared it ever since.

It is very unique in a very good way. (class participant)

We were able to have conversations and be free to express ourselves. It was “safe” to mention things here that I might not say elsewhere. (class participant)

The Seeker’s Toolkit

comes with all of my spiritual coaching, path-seeking, and private study programs.


Wherever your questions are taking you, this Seeker’s Toolkit™ will:

  • make it easier,
  • free and empower your spirit,
  • bring clarity and peace,
  • and will become part of you.

Spiritual Coaching – Guidance – Mentoring

Your search goes where it goes.

Any fear factors, religion taboos, and guilt around exploring spiritual practices outside your own, we’ll handle those together.   (This is a road I have traveled and enjoy being of service on.)

Expanding grade-school beliefs and deepening understandings is evolving as adults.

Contact Us to begin.