A Life Surrounded by Guys

Six brothers and Dad. Life surrounded me in a perfect playground to know about guys.  My childhood home had seven of them.  Guy friends came naturally, then colleagues in mostly male-populated industries (law, religion, manufacturing), and in my 30's, I met and married Michael.  Friendships with guys continue.

The Universe has a sense of humor;

and so do I ...  I'm a muse.

One brother once told me

  You're from a different planet.

Then smiled, shook his head, and  added

but it works for you.


A feminine perspective muse

Want to know how women think?  I have decades of experience with that.

Want to know What makes a man attractive--and what doesn't?

Want to know what feeds a feminine soul? and your masculine one?  (Hint: They're not the same things.)

Relationships can build us up, and feel really good to us.

Words from some of the guys

A lot of good men have graced my life;

and I've blessed theirs in ways only they can tell you.


Pretty on the outside,
Gorgeous on the in,
See the spirit in her eyes
and the dancing, dainty grin.

She's a know-er and a show-er,
She shares her learned` sights,
Uncovers the soul completely,
Teaches freedom, hope, and light.

She's "wondra"-ful beyond compare,
A charm, a joy, a breath
of fresh air to those in despair,

-----those in arrears,
-----those lost on this sphere.

Peace, and peace of mind
Make Anne  "the good dubya;
For that, and all else
We *realio, trulio' lubya.

{*with apologies to Ogden Nash}

andy trout knickrehm     11-3-2007

Some conversations heal a wounded soul.

Happy New Year Anne. You are a part of things that got me where I am now. Thank You!!
You saw me at my darkest time and saw nothing but light.  (Rory K.  1.2.2017)




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