What’s the Difference between Life Coaching and Therapy?

Life and Soul Coaching

  • Begins with, brings awareness of, looks for, and builds on what’s good, positive, alive, and perfect in you already.
  •  Language.  You are a partner in a co-creative, pragmatic and personal self-growing process; one that uses uplifting, positive words that are empowering to your spirit.
  • Lifelong Learning and growing.
  • Promotes self-actualization, greatness growing, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Services  are self-loving, educational, spiritual, personal growth, and guidance in nature
  • Not connected to medical records; no medical advice is given; no medical information is recorded or kept.


Therapy / Medical Counseling

  • Begins with and looks for / at something that’s wrong with you that requires treatment.
  • Language.  There is a diagnosis and often prescribed substances.  You are patient in this process.   Uses a language of health care terms
  •  Recorded, connected to your medical records.  Medical information is recorded and kept.



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