Catholic Around the Edges (CATE)

  • Grew up Catholic, with an incredible Catholic Imagination -- of angels and saints, Mary, priests, nuns, daily Mass in parochial school, sacraments, and a lot more
  • Hold beliefs and practices that are at variance with official Catholic church teachings
  • Spiritual more than religious

As long as it's not heresy... Well, maybe a little edgy...

Some of it is... It's at variance with official church teachings.  (Doesn't mean it's wrong; only that it's different.)

Life takes us around the edges, and grows our souls.

Playing My Role:

CATE - a Soul Sistering Series during Lent

  • for expanding, extending, exploring beliefs
  • feeding, fueling, and freeing Spirit
  • It's gotta make sense, and uplift and ground and support
  • that MORE I needed;
  • and how to find, fuel, and free your own MORE
  • open spaces to explore what you really want to ask.


Dates:  Wed. Feb 26; Saturdays, Feb 29, Mar 7, 14, 21, 28

SCHEDULE ( Printable PDF)

Enroll:  $195


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